ˈvɪnsɛnt /Creative Director

“The principal rule of art is to please and to move. All the other rules were created to achieve this first one.”

Jean Racine

Video / Motion / Digital / Campaign / Event

After several years working as a Creative Director for Parisian agencies, carrying out complex but thrilling experiences for web and mobile devices, I jumped into the wonderful world of motion design and entrepreneurship. I co-founded a company called Barjabulle. This adventure was exhilarating and fun. Today Barjabulle is a profitable design agency with a solid brand image, and because exploring is fun I took another leap of faith and expanded my field of experience in Los Angeles as a Creative Director for Mediamonks, one of the biggest creative Agency in the world, delivering creative campaign for Google, Amazon, Uber, Red-bull and many others.
My heart has always been on the storytelling side and I am willing to keep delivering creative and relatable contents to viewers and bring my flexible and well trained brain to the brainstorming table.

• 14+ years experience in top graphic design companies.
• Graduate of the prestigious Gobelins School in Paris.
• Winner of multiple FWA awards and Webby Awards.
• Brings out the best from creative teams
• Blends innovation with practicality
• Problem solver
• Cool drawing skills

For any inquiries please contact me :

︎ vincent.vercoutre@gmail.com
︎+1 3103097735
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Los Angeles, California.