“The principal rule of art is to please and to move. All the other rules were created to achieve this first one.”

Jean Racine

In love with video, motion, digital campaign, event and more...

Born in France, studied in Paris, and moved to the United States 5 years ago to led creative campaigns for clients such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Microsoft, Facebook... For the last 3 years been embedded with Google to build and manage creative programs.

After several years working as a Creative Director for Parisian agencies, carrying out complex but thrilling experiences for web and mobile devices, I jumped into the wonderful world of motion design and entrepreneurship. I co-founded a company called Barjabulle. This adventure was exhilarating and fun. Today Barjabulle is a profitable design agency with a solid brand image, and because exploring is fun I took another leap of faith and expanded my field of experience in Los Angeles as a Creative Director for MediaMonks, one of the biggest creative Agency in the world, delivering creative campaign for Google, Amazon, Uber, Red-bull and many others.
My heart has always been on the storytelling side and I am willing to keep delivering creative and relatable content to viewers and bring my flexible and well-trained brain to the brainstorming table.

• 17+ years of experience in highly creative agencies around the world (France, US, Netherland, Buenos Aires).
• Developed Thousands of projects and won 50+ high-end pitches.
• Graduate of the prestigious Gobelins School in Paris.
• Winner of multiple 10+ FWA awards and Webby Awards.
• Brings out the best from creative teams
• Blends innovation with practicality
• Problem solver
• Highly praised by co-workers and clients - Recommendations available upon request
• Cool drawing skills

For any inquiries please contact me :

︎ vincent.vercoutre@gmail.com

︎+1 3103097735

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Los Angeles, California.